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Issue adding Reactions from WW API


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    Gary Guo

    @Cathal Dinneen thanks for posting the questin here. 

    • For the first issue, the reaction is added but the Workspace clients currently only support emoji based reactions. :-) is not supported by the clients, hence is ignored. You can try the same API with an emoji character  (e.g. 😀) , it should be rendered properly by the clients. BTW, the reaction can still be retrieved using the graphql API, it's just not rendered.
    • For the reaction by an application, would you verify if the app has been added to the space (i.e. have view permssion on the messges it tries to react to )? That's the permission required to add a reaction.

     Keep us posted if you still see issues. Thanks!

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    Darren Cacy

    When I get the FeignException it seems that Workspace is telling me it can do some of the operation I requested, but not all of it.  It's kind of an odd way to respond, and it means I have to check more than just the status code when making a request. :-)