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How to change the icon (image) for an APP?


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    Heath Holcomb

    It looks like there is a bug in the photo refresh logic on iOS. We're working on a fix and hope to have it addressed in an app update soon. Are you also seeing problems on web or desktop?

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    Thank you, yes I have the same problem using both: desktop and web clients, the only difference is that on web browser I can delete the local cache to update the icon but on desktop this is not so easy.

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    Vitalijus Rudzinskas

    There is something odd about Windows Desktop client in a sense that default apps that share photo for an app icon only change the icon the first time you create an app. Web browser version updated the icon every time an image file used for the icon changed, while desktop client keeps the previous one.

    Could be whatever caching issue, never reported it, cause it doesn't really bother me compared to other things that I really need, but I did notice it as well.

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    Darren Cacy

    I see that Vitalijus sees: the desktop app keeps the old icon. When I clear the app's cache (google 'clear electron app cache'), I see the new icon.