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User should be able Highlight a message with color or star



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    Saurabh,  do you mean to hightlight a message only for you ? (so you are the only one to see the message highlighted on the history, to quickly locate them)   or do you mean to highlight the message as important for EVERYONE that is on nthe space, so anyone can see the messages you highlight for everyone ?

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    Ami Dewar

    Good question Andres!  We are looking at how to flag a message as a to do or just to save messages. Is this similar to "highlighting" or per Andres question would you expect highlighting to be visually different/serve a different purpose? 

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    Saurabh Jaiswal

    Hi Andres ... I am looking for option for self and the group...self is a star normally... highlight is for group to pay attention...probably with color highlight,Bold or Flag to grab attention when revisiting the chat.....as sometime in group chat its easier to lose track of important points. Highlighting makes it easier.