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Provide easier guest access



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    Totally agree with you.  When you sent a meeting invitation to a external party that did not used WW earlier, they find confuse to enter, they spent a lot of time, and there is a lot of missed meetings due this reason. 

    There should be clear to the users they have a GUEST option that is easy to install, without the complexity of installing WW and setup and IBM account.  

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    Ami Dewar

    Thanks for the feedback - we didn't make it it too big because we didn't want to confuse others as to where to join the meeting and there are downsides to joining as a guest (ie. don't have access to the accompanying conversation in the space) but I appreciate the input - we'll definitely take a look at mitigating the confusion your guests are experiencing. 

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    Ethan Geyer

    Hi Nico,


    What are the instances that you're joining / wanting to join as a guest via Zoom? Thanks in advance!

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    Andreas Ponte

    For us it starts when doing a demo of WW for new customers or some with no IBM ID/WW account. The easier it is to join when you are not (yet) using WW, the better