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How to set space description using graphQL mutation?


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    Miguel Estrada

    @Carla  I believe the `description` property is not exposed which is what is needed for your example above to work.  At least, I did not find it in the schema even when enabling all scopes on the apiType via https://developer.watsonwork.ibm.com/tools/graphql?apiType=beta,experimental

    It is probably associated to another non standard flag and needs to be moved to at least `beta` level

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    If you want to set the description at the time you're creating the space, you can just change the mutation arguments to:
    createSpace(input: { title:"this is a test space", description: "SPACE DESC"})

    If you want to update the space description after you created it, you can use this mutation:
    mutation updateSpaceDescription{
      updateSpace(input: { id:"SPACE_ID", description: "a description!!!" }) {
        space {


    where SPACE_ID is the space id of the space you want to change the description of

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    Arne Sutor

    Using the URL provided by Miguel this is what I see in the GraphQL Tool:

    So the description property is missing there...