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Spontanously add a 3rd person to a direct message (DM)



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    Ami Dewar

    Yes, this is definitely something we've talked about, because we know work evolves like this quite often.  On the other hand, it could get confusing as to who has access, who might have access to a conversation and how direct messages differ from spaces if we go this route - so a lot of think about but definitely something we've been discussing. 

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    Art Corl Jr (編輯於 )

    I'd picture something like ... "highlight stuff" (somehow) in a DM, not everything, just some portion ... and then "copy into space" (new or existing space, perhaps). From that point on, it's just a regular space (add people, etc.).

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    Felix Steinhardt

    I think this is very important. Have the same discussion with some potential customers already...

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    Chris Hobbs

    Yes, this is a feature, which I miss in Workspace. As example, just today, I was having a Direct Message conversation with someone, and another in parallel, but needed to quickly pull them into the same discussion.

    Creating a Space was not the most easy or fastest way to keep the flow of the conversation going.

    Feature similar to Sametime, where you can easily add others into a 1-1 chat to make a 1-N way chat, would be great. If that becomes a Workspace, great, but we need that kind of Flexibility.

    With the Option to Show a history or select a portion of the chat or None at All.

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    Tanja Mantel

    Hi Ami, is there an update for this feature? Thanks, Tanja

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    Volker Jürgensen

    Ami, a possible option could be to offer a "convert to space" option in a 1-1 chat. This either takes the history (or not), and then allows to provide a name and invite other users. In this case, its no longer irritating to the user (user friendly) and allows to leverage spaces where they are for.