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Add admin option to require apps



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    Ami Dewar

    Admins can limit what apps a team can add to any of their spaces and the ability to designate apps as required is available in our Space templates APIs, coming soon to our Admin experience.  

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    Scott Good

    Hi Ami, that's correct, but the requirement is to go a bit beyond that to make it possible for admins to essentially force one or more apps on all users. (Soon) you can require apps in a template but you can't require new spaces to have to use that template, which is where it falls short. In a separate discussion it was suggested that the ability to assign a Default Template (other than the one we already get) could accomplish this.

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    I guess that is a good option...  to be able to change the default template for your own, with the apps you may need.

    That way, you may add and app to be able to save all messages on a external database, or even control the way messages are written, for example...... and force all users to use that app as default on all apps.