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Android Client Issues


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    Ami Dewar

    Hi Steven - Sorry  for your difficulties.  I'm going to create a ticket so we can work 1:1 with you to remedy what you are experiencing. 

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    Gary Silvers


    I haven't seen item #1, but will investigate.  Item #2 I have seen but only with the most recent version of Google Photos (3.26.0...).  Are you using Google Photos as the image app to view photos selected from a space?  If so, is it the 3.26.0... version?  I've been able to recreate this problem with other apps with that version of Google Photos, then by downgrading it works as expected.  (Google Photo APKs here - https://google-photos.en.uptodown.com/android/old).  Regardless we're working on a workaround to that issue. 

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    Steven Vaughan

    Hi guys,

    thanks for the responses. I don't think it's google photos although I do have that installed. The attachment downloads and then opens. I attach two screen grabs from my device for your reference.

    Thanks, Steven