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Slack and Watson Workspace


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    Ami Dewar

    Hi there!  I'm not sure there is a good reason to use both Slack and Watson Workspace.  They are, as you pointed out, very similar.  Both Slack and Watson Workspace are persistent messaging platforms designed for teams, but we also think there are some key differences (and in time, believe this will shift the pendulum)

    • Slack positions their product as "all your communication in one place". Watson Workspace aims to be so much more than just the place to communicate; our north star is to use Watson technology to enable work. As our product evolves, you’ll definitely see a focus on not only communication, but creating content, connecting people, and driving towards outcomes.

    • With Watson Workspace, it’s really easy to collaborate within your organization,  as well as with your clients and partners outside of your organization. You don’t have to switch teams (and definitely not tools) to start a direct message or to invite an external user to a space - invite anyone you need to work with and you’ll always only have one list of all your spaces and DMs in Workspace regardless of what organization they are associated with.

    • Artificial intelligence is core to Watson Workspace. AI is not just an app or a bot but Watson Workspace has been built on Watson cognitive technology and learning from day one. We’ve got moments and action fulfillment and plenty of more plans to keep leveraging cognitive to make it easier to get your work done, manage the noise, and help you focus on what matters.

    • That being said - we know lots of people love Slack, including at IBM,  and we aren’t trying to take people away from a tool that works for them, but even if some of your team is already using Slack, you can still give Watson Workspace a go. Add the Slack app to a space in Workspace, connect to a channel in Slack, and the conversation in Watson Workspace and the conversation in Slack become one. Messages sent in either place will show up in both apps.

    • And, the most unique difference between Slack and Watson Workspace? You have the opportunity to influence the design and development of our product - just contact us and give us additional input via these forums  :)