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Ability to @mention predefined groups

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    Ami Dewar

    I assume you would want to define those custom groups and that they would be different per space - correct?  

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    Good question. In my specific context as a Watson Workspace developer, the groups are global: there is only one group of people that can be considered as the Android development team for example. So it makes sense for everyone I collaborate with to use the same group, so it would probably make sense for the group to be defined at the "admin level".

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    Doug Breaux

    Funny, I was just about to come create a very similar idea. It occurred to me it would be very useful for me to be able to @mention a subgroup of a Space.

    I can see global would be interesting too, perhaps as long as it only notified members of that global group that were also members of the Space in which it was used.

    I'd like to see both groups that are created by Space owners, but also groups that people can voluntarily add themselves to.

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    Watson Work Services Labs

    Enterprise management of group definitions is nothing new and has plenty of history... LDAP, Notes NAB, etc. so there are pros/cons to this concept

    Ability for people in conversational interfaces (all of them) to target specific group of people with ping/notifications takes place in several forms.... one of them is mentions which is a cheap way to spam and the other one (which I prefer) is to let the system naturally do it by allowing people to sub-segment the conversation.  Some use threads.  We have discussed having topics/multiple conversations, etc...  This latter approach allows the "groups" to self create/maintain by those who are involved by joining/leaving those conversations.  Much easier than having to rely on some IT group to manage global groups.... 

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    Paul Jones

    While I would like to be able to set up @groups for my personal use (say as a quick way to notify them of something interesting), I do think it would be interesting to also have system or API defined groups, like groups that include a department, or everyone under a 2nd line, those sorts of things.  Hooks to Bluegroups or LDAP would also be interesting.  No use reinventing the wheel here, if someone has gone to the trouble of defining a Bluegroup, we should find a way to be able to reference or use it.

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    Ami Dewar

    I agree, I think that makes a lot of sense and we should definitely plug into pre-defined groups.

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    I was just speaking to someone about this same requirement. They proposed to include @<custom-group> to notify a subset of people within a space, as defined by the space (whether that is manually per space or via a group policy)

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