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Auto-reconnect when network connection cannot be established



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    Ami Dewar

    Hi Toni - 

    Sorry that's your experience.  It should be auto-connecting.  If you are still seeing this behavior - please open a ticket (via "Contact us" in the menu in the top of the Help Center) and we can investigate that further. 

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    Hi Toni,

    Are you using the desktop client or a web browser?

    Can I assume the are client is pointing to `https://workspace.ibm.com` (you didnt re-configure it)?

    Have you configured your machine to proxy all your network traffic internal?

    Both desktop and Web should try to continuously reconnect and it should once a network connection has reestablished and the communication channel (websocket) has connected successfully.

    Thanks for the feedback and hopefully with some more info we can figure out your issue soon.

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    Toni Feric

    I am using the desktop client (Electron).

    Yes, it's using the default URL.

    I haven't specifically configured my machine to proxy traffic. It's using the GlobalProtect VPN client. My phone software Bria is able to connect after booting, as well as all other software components, including virtual machines.

    It's just the WW Electron client, which seems to be starting too early (before there is a network connection), and then gives up.

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