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Provide API to add a clickable icon to a space and webhook support



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    Miguel Estrada

    Hello Laksh,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I understand part of the request is for an app to be able to contribute a button and be notified when it is clicked.  Is that an accurate understanding?  Now, when you say:

    "a group (where apps are added to the space)"

    Could you elaborate on where on the UI you would like this button?  Is it under the "All Apps" tab?  Trying to understand the use case.  

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    Laksh V

    Hi Miguel,

    Thanks for your queries.

    Ideally if apps can add an icon next to the name of the space on the top of the room, will be visible enough for users to take any action. e.g a phone button to integrate audio calling, or to start on demand meeting etc.




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