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Manually typed slash commands



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    Ami Dewar

    Hi Lars - I agree with you - that's how we would like it to be - its always been the plan for @space and mentions as well to just respond to the text.  Thanks for the idea!

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    Lars Thielker

    Thanks Ami,

    when using slash-commands I've observed the following behavior as well:

    (In this scenario "/set-alarm" is a defined webhook. "/start" is not a webhook, but parsed by the app)

    • Auto-complete of slash-commands is stopped after typing a special character like "-" in "/set-alarm".
    • Auto-complete is shown even though the entered string differs from recommendation e.g. when typing “/start” points to “/set-alarm” when hitting Enter.
    • Auto-complete can only be rejected when clicking on “Send” using the mouse.
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    Ami Dewar

    Thanks Lars!  I'll definitely pass this on so we can investigate. 

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