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"Add chatbots directly as Virtual Agents and bi-directional messaging" RETURNS !



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    Darren Cacy

    I agree; we need to at minimum have users "chat" with an app in a Direct Message way.  I advocate having a separate section in the UI for apps, just like we now have for Spaces and Direct Messages.  Then a company can deploy a Help Desk app ("reset my password"), an Order Fulfillment app ("where's my mousepad?"), a Sales app ("has the PO for CustomerX come in?"), etc.

    The buzz around AI today is with chatbots as 1) personal assistants; or 2) reducing the load on call centers.  Workspace is targeting a different model (collaboration), but I think we can expand its reach to include the above two scenarios as well. :-)

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    Vitalijus Rudzinskas (Edited )

    Yeah, they can have collaboration model and all of its advantages in spaces - it's good, it works. Action fulfillment is great in collaborative space where many people communicate. And they can have chatbot model in user-app dialogue and all of its advantages.

    And the biggest advantage for Watson Workspace - separate behavior. Developers can code WA-NLP behavior suitable for collaborative space and they can code WA-NLP behavior suitable for user-app private chatbot.

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    Ami Dewar

    I agree with both of you - its definitely on our radar.

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