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How to open space URL in Desktop app



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    This is the format.. watsonworkspace://space/<spaceID>

    eg: watsonworkspace://space/57ae304de4b0d0e21a2dead8


    For direct messages its... watsonworkspace://direct/<message ID>


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    Michael Heim

    Thanks Robert for the fast reply. This helps. But this means I have to change the link by myself? When I copy the space link I got always that format: https://workspace.ibm.com/space/xyz. This means I have to change it into watsonworkspace://space/xyz.

    Is there a chance to copy the link automatically with the right desktop format?

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    Ethan Geyer

    Hi Michael! Opening workspace links IN the workspace desktop client is something we're actively working on right now. (Good news!).


    Keep your eyes peeled for an update.

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