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capture parts of my screen to send into the chat field



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    Ami Dewar

    Thanks Johannes - We've heard this from several other Sametime users - I appreciate the input!

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    Mark Donnellon

    The tool that was available in Sametime was nice and provided basic functionality for sending screenshots. However I don't think this functionality belongs to the chat application. There are plenty of great screenshot apps that will give you the same functionality across your entire OS. Greenshot (free) and SnagIt for example.

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    The advantage of the Sametime approach is that you do it all in one motion: You go from the chat, select the screen shot to send, and then send it, and it shows inline in the chat. And the screen shot, which rarely is useful again, in other contexts, is not saved on your machine, cluttering and bloating your storage. Using typical screen shot software, you first have to open that software, take a screenshot and save it somewhere. Then go to WWS, upload the screenshot, and send it as an attachment. Then you probably need to go back and delete it from where you saved it since the likelihood of you ever needing it again is rather small.

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