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Be able to better organize your list of space



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    Ami Dewar

    Does that mean you wouldn't want your spaces to re-sort when there is new activity? 

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    Borja Cepeda Celada

    Re-sorting or other ways to bring attention to new messages is important. But when you have a big list of active spaces you need something to sort them up, specially when you are creating spaces for problem solving (1 space per issue).

    With a big flat list of active spaces you have no choice, you have to use the search if you don't want to waste time scrolling down and reading all the names of the spaces (something even more difficult when using any kind of coding for the incidents).

    Would be nice to be able to navigate/sort using categories (couple of clicks) to jump to other spaces.

    With this option, you still can re-sort spaces with new activity inside your own categories

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    I'd be reasonably happy if I could pin a couple of spaces to the top of the list. Like I can do with Files in Connections

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    Ami Dewar

    That’s the idea with marking a space or dm as important. Right now it will always come to the top when there is new activity but we’d also like to add a view where you can always see those you have “starred” at the top

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