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Stop sorting spaces and give me a working buddy list



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    Ami Dewar

    There are definitely plans to keep favorites at the top if that's your preference.  The challenge with not sorting a list is if you have a lot of spaces, you are constantly having to scan your entire list to see if you have new messages. That being said - there are definitely two camps when it comes to the buddy list vs. sorting by activity -  lots of people love the buddy list as you do :)

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    Art Corl Jr

    Another thought on this, while i personally like the "favorites" idea most of the time (with so many spaces, i want to pin important spaces at the top so i don't have to scroll down to find one), there are times when i do want to "see all the latest". So i'd say this isn't a preferences as in "personal setting" (hiding behind a settings menu), but rather, a more dynamic preferences (i'm in the mood for "latest" and want to just change the sort order with one click).

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    Tim Royle

    Thomas makes a very good point, a buddy list is a critical success factor for WW. Without it collaborating effectively with your network is very difficult and in large organisations with 1,000's of employees, virtually impossible.

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