How to set space description using graphQL mutation?



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    Carla Aravena

    If you want to set the description at the time you're creating the space, you can just change the mutation arguments to:
    createSpace(input: { title:"this is a test space", description: "SPACE DESC"})

    If you want to update the space description after you created it, you can use this mutation:
    mutation updateSpaceDescription{
      updateSpace(input: { id:"SPACE_ID", description: "a description!!!" }) {
        space {


    where SPACE_ID is the space id of the space you want to change the description of

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    Miguel Estrada

    @Carla  I believe the `description` property is not exposed which is what is needed for your example above to work.  At least, I did not find it in the schema even when enabling all scopes on the apiType via,experimental

    It is probably associated to another non standard flag and needs to be moved to at least `beta` level

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    Arne Sutor

    Using the URL provided by Miguel this is what I see in the GraphQL Tool:

    So the description property is missing there...

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