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Question about Webhook of Watson Workspace



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    Darren Cacy

    I'm not familiar with the Telegram API, so I cannot speak to it.  Workspace expects to be able to invoke a URL (a webhook) for your application, so it needs access to that URL from the internet. If your computer is behind a firewall and your application is running on that computer, then Workspace still needs a way to call that URL.

    If you are testing your application locally, then you may want to check out ngrok, which provides an internet-addressable URL which Workspace can call.

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    BARBAROS Ozdemir

    Turns out that Telegram API offers 2 mutually exclusive methods (both polling and webhooks): "https://core.telegram.org/bots/api#getting-updates". Apparently that was what I was missing.

    Thank you for your reply Darren and the detailed explanation & info about ngrok!

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