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Connect Watson Workspace and Connections




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    Ami Dewar

    Thanks for the ideas!  In a day or so you will see the ability to share Connections files in Workspace (either from Workspace or from Connections).  We are also looking at how to search and discover files using Watson technology.

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    Awesome! Is it possible for Watson to pull key facts, like submission dates out of files as well, which it can then use to answer questions in Workspace conversations?

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    A few thoughts on ways in which WW and Connections can play together...

    Register the relationship at the Community/Activity/Space level, so each becomes the default for actions in the other for...
    > "Share to WW" becomes a built in action wherever possible. Files, Forum Questions, Blog entries, ideas... pretty much anything.
    > @Community keyword in WW that puts the following text into the Community Status Updates stream
    > All members of the community/activity are automatically added/removed from the linked Space so you don't have to maintain the same user list twice.
    > Watson WS "minutes of a meeting" fed directly into Connections - perhaps a file. Perhaps already organized by "moments" or with Watson discovered/suggested links embedded.  Somewhere anyone could review the meeting/chat history outside WW.
    > Action items from a chat in WW being used to automatically create to-do items in an activity, or an event, or other items.  Could implement new @commands like @event, @idea to signal to WW what to do.
    >Watson WS scheduled chat or video meetings - invitations, links, launches from an Event in Connections, or any other object where something like that would make sense.
    > Allow one Space to be linked as a default at the Community level, flowing down to Community activities unless over-ridden at the activity level (e.g. a sub-team may want to link their own Space).
    > Make it easy to link a Space to a Community/Activity on a temporary basis on the fly, e.g. I start a direct chat with you in WW, and then decide I want to save it to Connections, but I don't have a linked community (yet) or I want to send it to a different one.
    > Integrate/link the address books, so I can pick names from my personal or company directories and add them to a Space from inside Connections or, vice versa, from inside WW reaching into my/corp Connections directory.
    > Open WW Direct Message from people pages/biz cards/org chart in Connections
    > With DMs and people links, make sure its not restricted to people in my company - like Connections it should be able to easily allow for guest / external users (unless the Space is marked "company only" - mirroring the permissions of Connections).

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    Ami Dewar

    Hi there! Here's more information on integrating with Connections Files https://help.workspace.ibm.com/hc/articles/360003447594

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