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Note-taking panel



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    Ami Dewar

    Yay!  Thanks for being a daily user!   We definitely are looking at how to keep track of things that come up in conversations - they often move by so quickly and you don't get the chance to read everything or take note of things you need to follow-up on.  Separately we are exploring collaborative notes (for the team) but you could obviously have a personal space, with personal notes.  The entire idea around task management and personal notetaking is an interesting one because what we've learned is that users all have different ways of doing this - marking things unread in an inbox, to using pen and paper, using digital notetaking tools etc. Its not easy to find one size fits all here but we definitely are pursuing some ways for people to keep track and easily follow-up.

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    Jin Fang Yang

    I like this idea.  There are many talks in a space. Sometimes I'd like to highlight some guideline to the whole space members, but it is flooded. Or I have some to-dos in the space, I'd like get them out and mark if completed. It is great to have a note-taking integrated with space, to easily mark things out, to the whole space, and to myself.

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