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HTTP 500 error due to com.netflix.hystrix.exception.HystrixRuntimeException



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    Hi Chad,

    A few questions. 

    1. What api are you using. Graphql or an inbound webhook.
    2. Is this error consistently happening when you create a message.



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    Chad Scott


    It happened when doing a POST to https://api.watsonwork.ibm.com/v1/spaces/575970ec032475a014911a29/messages with a message body like this:

        type: 'appMessage',
        version: 1,
        annotations: [{
            type: 'generic',
            version: 1,
            text: 'Foo',
            actor: {
                name: 'Test'

    I don't think GraphQL or a webhook were involved in this case. I have something that is posted to a group of spaces on an interval, and it only happened the one time that I know of. The message actually appeared in the space for which the error was generated, but the error condition caused my app to invoke error handling that was not desired since the message made it to the destination without issue.

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    ANDREW PENROSE (Edited )

    This is a temporary error condition that you hit. We have a small incidence of this which can be triggered when we are redeploying our micro services and we are working to remove the possibility of you hitting this.

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