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Is there externalized training to identify the actions and moments


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    Joe Russo

    "You can create an instance of Watson Conversation and train it to your specifications. You can simply configure your app to point to your instance of Watson Conversation and then spaces to which the app are added will use it automatically to annotate and label messages. Watson Conversation already offers a user interface to train these models.
    You can decide if your app's Watson Conversation instance is used to label things in moments as well, and the default is that it does. In this way, your app can supplement the extracted messages in moments with ones that it identifies as important, and provide labels for those.
    You can do this through the apps configuration alone, pointing to your Watson Conversation instance, or you can do it programmatically by listening to webhooks, calling Watson Conversation yourself, and then posting the results back as annotations to Workspace.
    You can read more about this here https://developer.watsonwork.ibm.com/docs/apps/make-your-app-cognitive."

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