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    Ami Dewar

    Thanks for purchasing Watson Workspace.  Yes, that's how you would add users to the seats you've ordered.  Regarding Bluemix - are you referring to using Watson Conversation or some of the Watson Services connected via our developer experience or something else? 

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    Miguel Estrada

    "2. Will the Watson bluemix functionality programmed by me be available for all users of a certain space?"

    "3. What about the costs for using the bluemix functionality?"

    Your app can call any number of services, from IBM or elsewhere, utilizing the corresponding credentials for those services.   The app will receive the value/benefit of those services and can then represent that value to users in the space as either new messages, focus annotations, etc...  The charge/billing for those services is separate from the WW licenses and depends on the specific service.

    Having stated the above context.... The Watson services you find under IBM Cloud (previously known as Bluemix) are billed separately and not included with the WW license, but the Watson Services directly utilized by Watson Work Services platform to provide its functionality via Moments and annotations for Focus and NLU information are indeed included.   So if all your app is doing is reading Moment / NLU / Focus information using Watson Work APIs then you should be all set.  If instead, you are using things like Watson Conversation (even when used by an app via the "make it cognitive" capability) then you will be billed separately.

    Hope this made sense :-)

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    Jürgen Kunert

    Thank you for answering.

    Reagrding the IBM cloud Watson services I want to use, they will be natural language understanding or natural language identifier. They will be billed"separately" to the owner of the credentials provided? Is that correct?

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    Miguel Estrada

    Correct.  Any Watson Service that utilizes the credentials provided (the Watson Service credentials) bills towards those credentials once they reach the thresholds for the specific service.

    Having said that, Watson Work already annotates each message in a conversation with annotations that are based on NLU.   The doc here references Alchemy, but it will be corrected to refer to Watson NLU which is what is being used to provide those annotations:  https://developer.watsonwork.ibm.com/docs/annotations/information-extraction-annotations

    Here is the PR to update doc btw: https://github.com/watsonwork/watsonwork-developer-docs/pull/48  It should be reflected on the developer.watsonwork.ibm.com/docs website this week.

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