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GraphQL addSpaceMembers user permissions options


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    Miguel Estrada

    Hi Paul,

    You can currently ignore the permissions property.  It is part of an upcoming work to support permissions across the platform.

    The way it will work, once this is in place, is that an application will declare what permissions it wishes to have, either A) when working as a client (ie. allows a user to signin through it via oauth) or B) when working as a bot (the app's identity is used vs that of the user).  Once the app has declared these permissions, adding the app to spaces will specify for that space the permissions it is supposed to have in that space (option B given one does not add "client apps" to a space).  This will allow the users of that space to understand what that app can do in such space (ie. only write messages vs reading messages or changing membership).  If such app in the future were to request additional permissions then the platform will only honor for that space the permissions with which it was originally added and will ask the owner of such space if the app should be "upgraded" in that space to receive the new permissions.

    Hope this made sense :-)  It will be better describe in upcoming documentation.

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