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ad hoc multi-user chat

Not planned



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    Ami Dewar

    That's always been a thought in the back of our minds - maybe more so with video meetings/calls - there's an argument here for keeping the model simple and another for supporting the adhoc use case as you point out.  I'll be curious too if our work with topics and replies will address this or not.  Definitely valid points and real use cases.  

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    Arnd Layer

    I think this is not about features / functions. You can solve the use case above with what is there today. But spaces feel too heavy and valuable to us them for this ad-hoc situations. This is partly but not fully based on our experiences with Sametime.

    So, how can the UX be enhanced to bring the user to us a space for this ad-hoc use cases?

    Do we really need a short lived space type? Do we need additional features in the space lifecycle?

    I agree with Darren that we need improvement for these use cases.

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    Ky Young Kim

    I agreed with Darren's idea. I had a similar experience last month with competition of local solution vendor. One of my customer want to change their previous used messenger. 

    I did presentation about IBM Watson Workspace and they showed interest at our service. They are wondering that there is no 1:n multi-chat service like messenger.

    I think we can satisfy this kind of customer's messenger needs with IBM Watson Workspace if we can support multi-chat service in IBM Watson Workspace.

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