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Integration with custom name picker as like IBM Verse



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    Ami Dewar

    Are you asking about a picker for people in your organization so you don't have to add by email address?  That's available as part of our enterprise offering - anyone in your "team" can be found in typeahead.  We are working to do something similar within IBM

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    Ky Young Kim

    Thanks Ami.

    I think that typeahead search method is a little different with what I said.
    Below picture is a kind of Org. Chart integrated with IBM Verse as custom name picker. 

    When user click to add button in the space, I would like that user can see below Org. Chart under search text box in the space.

    [Custom Name Picker sample in IBM Verse]

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    Ami Dewar

    ah ok - I have not seen this.  Thanks for the visual/additional details.

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