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Add the ability for an app to send a targeted message to a user outside of Action Fulfillment



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    Vitalijus Rudzinskas

    I think that's a good idea as well.

    As far as I understand I can:

    1. Create a Conversation Service that will annotate something and make it clickable and then once user clicks on it will create a Action Fulfillment dialog.

    2. Create Message focus annotation in my app that will do the same thing without a need for Conversation service, that will make message clickable and initiate the Action Fulfillment dialog.

    3. The user may run the Action (/command) that will trigger the Action Fulfillment dialog.

    But all of these have to be initiated by the user himself. And I am kinda starting to see the need for the app to initiate the dialog with user.

    And the problem I have now is I need targetDialogId to send TargetedMessage to user, but that dialog and its Id is created when user clicks on annotation or runs a command first.

    My use case was - I was going to provide dynamic assistance for natural language processing in a sense where user and Watson Conversation are having a chat in Watson Workspace, but there are also dynamic messages providing additional feedback and clickable navigation as well.

    What I am hoping to see eventually is the same kind of cognitive suggestions as you can see right now in LinkedIn chat.

    There you can chat with someone as normal, but LinkedIn itself periodically displays short answer buttons, depending on the context. Example: [:thumbs up] [Thanks] [Cheers] [Sorry, I am currently busy, i will get back asap]

    I am assuming there is a need for this because I googled a lot of Conversation service examples and tried connecting them to my app for experimenting. I discovered that most of the time either I am too dumb to understand what the Conversation service expects from me and I have to go to the service nodes themselves just to figure out how the flow goes or it really depends on how the Conversation Service creator thinks and structures his dialog which might be different from the way user thinks and expects the dialog to be structured.

    In either case the popup explaining the dialog flow, expected entities and intents would be very useful addition to Conversation in workspace.

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    Miguel Estrada

    Thanks for this feedback.  Understand the use case and will be under consideration.

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