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Watson workspace integration


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    Miguel Estrada

    Hello Leonardo,

    To make sure I understand your question....

    You are building browser app A which has its own UI and backend.... and which accepts users to sign in utilizing IBM ID?

    You then want to allow the user to navigate to workspace.ibm.com and not have to sign in as they are already signed into your app with an IBM ID?

    If the above matches what you are asking, then I believe it should work.... Have you tried it?   If your app does not use IBM ID then it will most likely not work.

    Here is what I tried:

    1. open incognito window

    2. signed into www.ibm.com (also tried console.bluemix.net with similar results)

    3. opened tab in same incognito window and entered login.workspace.ibm.com

    4. The user was able to use workspace without having to log on.

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