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Webhook message-created wo'n't trigger anymore



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    Bernd Gewehr

    My webhook is working fine today. Can't complain about it.

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    Kirti Gani

    @Job, can you give more details on what steps you took?  Are you seeing a specific error message?  Any additional info can help us see if there is an issue.  Thanks!

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    Niels Boumans

    I have the same problem. When you change the Webhook URL of your application, it does not get refreshed, it will keep calling the old URL. 

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    Bernd Gewehr (Edited )

    Now i'm touched, too. I can not register my webhook, the form always shows:
    which is not really a very satisfying error message.

    Could you add more information on what went wrong?


    I use this as the main function for webhook challenge response. It worked for a few days without hassle:
    var crypto = global.get("mcrypto");

    const bodyToSend = {
        response: msg.payload.challenge

      // Create a HMAC-SHA256 hash of the recieved body, using the webhook secret
      // as the key, to confirm webhook endpoint.
      const hashToSend =
        crypto.createHmac('sha256', global.get("webhookSecret"))

    msg.headers = {
        "X-OUTBOUND-TOKEN": hashToSend,

    msg.payload = bodyToSend;

    msg.method = "POST";

    return msg;

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    Bernd Gewehr

    And now, after reloading the whole app registration page, it looked slightly different - and works again.

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    Miguel Estrada

    @Job Cuppen

    But as of today only enabling the webhook seems to work typing a message in the linked space does not trigger the webhook.

    Is it possible the webhook was registered already and not able to receive messages causing the backend to retry > 2 hours thus increasing the delays in between retries?



    When you change the Webhook URL of your application, it does not get refreshed, it will keep calling the old URL

    I assume your issue is different from original poster's issue.  I believe I have done this, but will verify if this is a condition that is exposing a problem

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    Miguel Estrada



    For the function working before, but not know... it may point to something else and not your function.

    I see your code, but there are other parts that you are likely doing somewhere else.... Like returning 200 and ending the stream, etc.... See here:


    Regarding feedback on the error message.  Thank you.  I have passed your feedback to our design team...

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