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How to stop webhooks from retrying after a certain point



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    Miguel Estrada

    Hi Job,

    Are you looking for Watson Work Services to start dropping messages after certain time if your app is not responding from a point of view of your app "still being developed" or in production?


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    Job Cuppen

    My app is still being developed. When something goes wrong and my app throws an exception it usually doesn't handle the last webhook. Because of this this next time when I try my app the previously unresolved request is retried and then messes with the other requests. So what I'd like to have is a function that allows me to drop all pending webhook requests.

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    Miguel Estrada


    We are working on such suggestion.  It should be available sooner rather than later.  In the meantime, what I have done is create a different application registration with the same callback and delete the other one.  This is usually ok when you have one or two spaces with that app and they are all for testing.... 

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    Chad Scott

    Any update on this? I have some apps that don't run all of the time, and when I bring them back online, they don't handle new events in a timely manner until the backlog of retries have worked themselves out. This also spams the space when these are events that cause messages to be printed back into the space.

    It would be great if the app could signal to WW that all pending retries should be dropped.

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