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How do you I map identities ?



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    David Brooks

    When your application posts, you should post a message using with a generic annotation.  You can include an actor as part of this annotation and we will render the user. 

    You can follow example code here:



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    Michel Jonker

    Thanks @David , I can see how this would work for an author, so I will try to apply this.

    But for the content of a message,  I was hoping that Watson would recognize workspace members ?

    I hope I don't have to do the work of recognizing mentions of people in the body text?

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    Michel Jonker (Edited )

    Ok I have the actors in there, which is nice, now I can see names of the authors of the yammer message

    Are they supposed to be clickable, because of the url/avatar urls ?

    And what about the mapping between workspace users and (in this case) yammer users ?



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    Joe Russo

    Hello Michel - we haven't added @Mention yet - we will and it will surface as a Message Annotation then you'll have the person info on that mention - and access to the user information (id, email, displayname, etc). Stay tuned for when we do add that...


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    Michel Jonker

    Thanks Joe,

    I trust the @Joseph Russo does not have to be in the text, just the Joseph Russo or Joe Russo ...

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