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How to ask for all the spaces a user is in?



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    Kirti Gani

    You can't do this today when acting as a User, the only way you could do this is if as an App a user authorizes the App to act on its behalf and is logged into that App to then run a query like above. 

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    Bernd Gewehr

    Will we see an enterprise tenant style deployment where we have an admin user for our employees to administrate things and ask question like these against the system? This way we do some things in the connections cloud environment with success.

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    Miguel Estrada

    Correct.  organization / tenant support is a future requirement.  At this point there is no such thing as an administrator that can see information across the organization.  

    In the current beta preview everybody is part of a domain based on email address, but only for purposes of being able to use type-ahead when adding folks from that same email domain into a space.

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