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API for REST to graphql endpoint doc is wrong



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    Luis Benitez

    This has been fixed now. Thanks for reporting it. 

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    You're right Bernd, there's an inconsistency between the docs and the current actual behaviour of the API.

    - It currently only accepts jwt: <token> header

    - It will soon also accept Authentication: Bearer <token>

    - We will then deprecate jwt header and eventually remove it.



    Since Authentication: Bearer is the header we want to support going forward I think the best approach would be to try to expedite enabling support for that header rather than temporarily changing the documentation.


    Thanks for bringing this up!

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    Christian Guedemann

    Thanks for the response Carlos. Can you give us a heads up when you have implemented the change. At this point we have to change the JaveSDK, that we are building (see here --> https://github.com/OpenCode4Workspace/Watson-Work-Services-Java-SDK)

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