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Feedback mechanisms



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    I think these forums are the best way right now, as we do have team members watching and responding to suggestions and issues raised here.

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    Julie Brown (Edited )

    There is also a feedback form in the product, in your settings (Settings is the gear icon or your picture, depending on the device; from there, click Feedback). But for longer discussions, here in the forums is great. Thanks!

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    Ami Dewar

    Hi Daniel, I'm the ux lead and as the others have said, we are actively keeping up with the feedback we are hearing in the forums, feedback form. We ourselves have a long list of things we know we need to address, but I'm also happy to talk on the phone, or if you want to invite me to a space, I'd love to collaborate that way. We look forward to your input and ideas!

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    Daniel Lieber

    Excellent! I just invited you to a space for this purpose. :-)

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