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    @Volker - Keep the input coming!! The more insight we can get the better we can make this for our users in the future.

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    Ethan Geyer

    Volker, what specifically do you mean by "not obvious for him to click on the Space icon"? 

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    Volker Jürgensen

    In this case i invited a colleague while talking to him by phone. He saw the whole page and was a bit overwhelmed. 

    So since I can only invite him into a space, the space appears as only item in a list (icon + space name) but on the right side a "welcome" text is displayed.

    To see my welcome messages (in the space) he has to click the space.

    So this is a one-time first time only issue, but i believe this may happen again: Users are invited, don't know exactly what is coming... and do not know that they "have to" click on this to see where the action is. Some visual indication - or a direct textual/graphical notification in the welcome text - is required.


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    Ami Dewar

    So what we intend to do is then when the user receives the email that they were invited to a space it will take them directly to that space - with the space open - so that will alleviate some of that pain - but it sounds like you are also concerned about the individual that comes into the experience for the first time (maybe no via the email) and they don't know to click on the space in the left?  This is a good observation and something we might be able to address with some hover help.  

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    Prabu Ayyagari

    @Ami and @Jason - I agree with @Volker's comment on a meta level.  It may be that my eyes are changing with the passing decades :) but the overall design could do with more contrast.  I know grey-on-grey seems to be all the rage (especially with the new iOS) but a few others that I worked with made comments similar to the ones that @Volker's partners expressed.  Food for thought.  Nothing specific in this comment of mine but more a general direction / request.

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    Ami Dewar

    Thanks Prabu - our visual language is constantly evolving so your input is timely.  

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    Arnd Layer

    does not really matter that much, but we often demo our stuff on rather old projectors at customer sites, that have problems showing low contrasts. So having a bit more contrast in the UX would make my techsales life a little bit easier.

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