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Moments: Insufficiently-detailed sentence is classified as a Commitment



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    Marlon Machado

    Moments is a reflection of the level of awareness the system has. Today, the system is starting to learn, which means its level of awareness is low. As it learns over time its awareness will improve and, with that, the accuracy in identifying intent and context. Give it time and you'll see it's going to get better.

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    Ami Dewar

    Thanks for your feedback, this is input we can feed back into our training so it does get smarter about what it identifies.  

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    Thomas Boehm

    wouldn't it be better if everybody trains the system while in Beta ? e.g with an Thumps up / Down on a Moments result ? Even when live  "personal" training of the system could be a nice Option. Or does the whole training process work differently ?

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