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Unable to create webhook



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    Vijay Francis (Edited )

    Hi Job,

    Can you provide some details about the webhook you're attempting to register? Are you hitting issues on initial creation, or when you're trying to enable it?

    One thing to note, we require "https" for the webhooks. Trying "http" could cause the error message you see. (We have an item out to make the error messages a little more clear as well)


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    Job Cuppen

    I have updated my post with additional information

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    Vijay Francis

    Thanks! Unfortunately "localhost" won't work as a webhook URL since our system requires the ability to access the URL to validate and send events. You'll need to provide an externally accessible URL, which can be done by either deploying your application to a service like Bluemix or leveraging a tunneling tool like "ngrok".

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    Miguel Estrada

    If you are still coding your app, you can use any valid external URL accessible via HTTPS.  The system is just checking for it to be a valid URL in a system that it will be able to access.  That rules out things like localhost, ip addresses, etc.

    We are considering relaxing this "check" for URL validation until the webhook is enabled.

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    Job Cuppen

    ngrok solved my issue, thanks.

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