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Redefine Presence Awareness




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    Ami Dewar

    Thanks so much for the feedback, we definitely agree and is something we are actively exploring.

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    Volker Jürgensen

    We should make clear... the "in the office" is usually no longer the relevant term (compared to the past). Example: Email OOO messages are mostly there to set expectations about response times for complex inquiries. "On Vacation" OOO (also PTO) is more focused on redirecting tasks and for longer time of "total" absence, while "on a business trip" is in todays world often setting an expectation that still interactions happen.

    In the sense of a Workspace, I see these items as key:

    a) provide a means of "I am less available to interact" (like in a meeting, on a trip) - activated by the user, and having effect on @mentions (even when typing in a name we could already display the availability)

    b) focus on integration (capability) of sources/places where this status has also to be managed (set email OOO, workflow routing, etc) - single place to modify status, effective everywhere. This also means that I may set my OOO in mail or a meeting in a calendar and - based on some integration - the availability in Workspace goes "down"

    c) We all know that many people are not (wanting) to make themselves unavailable at all - even in vacation etc. That's why i use the term "expectation setting" - If the system "knows" i am busy now (may be from a calendar) then others may need to know that my responses/interactions may be slower and that there is a reason for this. The wording is key, and also some cognitive methods may be helpful (if a user is interacting less in "any" space then thats also an indication for instance).

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    Ami Dewar

    I love these ideas!  You are hitting on the aspect of awareness that is largely different due to mobile devices and persistent chat - we definitely need to rethink traditional awareness in the ways you outline. 

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    Chris Hobbs

    Is there any ETA when a simple ONLINE / OFFLINE presence will be introduced to Workspace?

    This would be extremely useful to get a general indication if one could expect a response (as the person is seen online or not).

    Example: similar to WhatsApp, you can see when the a user was last seen and time stamp. (to know they have been in the application as a minimum)

    Currently, in Workspace it is unknown if you can expect any response at all, as there is no indication of "Message Read", etc. similar to e-mail return receipt, or Message Received.

    All the other points mentioned above in the posts are also valid to take into consideration.

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    Ami Dewar

    Yes, I would say in days (vs. weeks).  We are currently testing the capability.

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    any update on this ?  I am aware that there is a green indicator now, but not sure about the details on how it works and if there is a way we can setup a specific "status".....

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    Ami Dewar

    Hi there!  

    As long as a user has Watson Workspace open in a browser tab or has opened the desktop or mobile applications and the apps are in the foreground within the last few minutes, you'll see a green indicator that someone is available. 

    We know there is interest in custom status but that capability is not available yet.  

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