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Have setup a channel to communicate with client; However they cannot login



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    Anthony Corrente

    The client sent this Chrome debug:

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    Ami Dewar (Edited )

    Let me create a ticket so we can investigate what's going on here.  

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    WILLIAM HOLMES (Edited )

    Warson Workspace currently only supports BASIC Authentication via the Authorization HTTP header.

    It seems there might be an internal  proxy filtering these requests and rejecting the BASIC Authorization header.

    You may need to contact your internal services administrator(s) to debug further.


    FYI: The HTTP response shown in the message above was not delivered by the Watson Workspace service(s).

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    Anthony Corrente

    Thank you William,

    so, my question is what URLs and port numbers they need to let through?

    It would be a good idea for the Watson Workspace team to understand this since it will impact Watson WorkSpace users and prevent them for using the application.



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