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Add chatbots directly as Virtual Agents and bi-directional messaging

Not planned



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    Ideally, it would allow also integration with Watson Virtual Agent or Watson Conversation service !!!!

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    Agree.  I feel like we will inevitably have client/partner discussions where what they really want is Watson Virtual Agent.  Then is also the natural starting point for many wrt to chatbots and cognitive.  We certainly need a feature-like experience or compatibility.  I brought up a similar perspective some time ago.  I focused on creating private spaces for the user programmatically.  I still don't think that can be done.  But the other thing to consider that a use-case for human-to-chatbot interaction could be the composition of multiple services (i.e. more than one chatbot). So creating a DM approach is inherently limiting, correct? Why not a space that is private in which chatbots are automatically added to fulfill a set purposes.

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    Ami Dewar

    Is this really different from just creating a DM with a bot?  or is the limitation there because you would like to engage multiple bots?  You can have a space with no members but bots I would imagine as well.  Does it need to be a separate conversation type? 

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    I think that will be confusing.   I would like a separate conversation type.  Otherway is confusing for the  user, that knowns that on a space, there is multiple participants. . To me, a place in the app - besides spaces and DMs - for conversations with chatbots is a good idea


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    Arnd Layer

    I too think this is not so much about workarounds but about guiding the user. An interaction with a chatbot may be technically the same as having a private space with this app, but from a user PoV this is something different. I also thing from a technical perspective, there could be optimisations done if we separated those use cases.

    For the same reason, I suggested a while ago to provide group-DMs. 

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    Vitalijus Rudzinskas (Edited )

    Ok, guys. We here have done a great app doing all sorts of stuff, but now I am trying to add Watson Assistant and Natural Language Processing to the app and I have noticed a few things that made me realize the absolute NEED for the app to be a full member in space that users can privately chat with as chatting with NLP chat bot.

    The app is attached to space and app-WA-NLP combo reacts to messages in space by either doing annotations links or posting messages.
    1. When user communicates with chatbot directly messaging the chatbot, it is ok that the app tries to process everything said, because everything is addressed to the chatbot. It should process and assume user tries to make the chatbot do something.
    2. If it is 2-3 people communicating in workspace and app tries to process and annotate each message with link that will take them somewhere it can get... extremely annoying, innit ? Like a third person that comes over and interrupts two people talking, because he heard a FAMILIAR word.

    On the other hand if you had app attached as a full space member user can click on and chat with privately, it makes a perfect NLP case.

    Further more as it is a special user-to-user communication happening in different type of "space" you can add more functionality to that without interfering the normal workspace functionality, please consider:

    1. From UI perspective it is minimal change - the app will appear as a member of space that user can start dialog with like any other user. You can add [Chatbot app] in front of its name to clearly mark it as not a real user. 

    2. The app can chat with user in natural language just like all these fancy advanced Watson Assistant examples show, where bot respons with text with buttons (NOT limited to user having to click annotated message, which makes perfect sense in "normal" space for communication between many people). Because the app is not allowed to INITIATE the AF flow unless user clicks annotated message in space.

    3. In the user-chatbot dialog app can be allowed to initiate the AF flow itself with user. Because it is user-app communication, not communication in space between many people, which means that if user is posting something to a chatbot IT IS because it is communicating with an app and Watson Assistant behind it.

    4. Not sure about this, but you can probably make user-chatbot communication go straight to Watson Assistant attached to the app by "making it cognitive" link without it having to go THROUGH the app as middleware.

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