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Internet Explorer?

Not planned



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    Ami Dewar

    We've definitely heard the requirement, particularly in Enterprise (as our general usage for IE is very very small) so it's definitely under consideration - however our current priority is to make sure its obvious to an IE user that we don't currently support IE with appropriate messages, as well as pointers to our desktop (and mobile) apps.  Is desktop app an option for current IE users?   

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    Ky Young Kim

    Additionally lots of Enterprise customer in Korea are mainly using IE in their business work and also IE browser is standard tool in their company. Unfortunately most of employee don't have Chrome or Fire Fox browser in their own PC environment just only IE Browser there.

    I don't think Desktop app is an option for them. Because Main Workplace for their collaboration is web environment and I think WW have to be integrated with existing collaboration tools which was based on Web environment.

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    Ami Dewar

    Ok that's good to know.  

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