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Linux App



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    Ami Dewar

    Thanks for the idea! It's definitely something we've considered, right now our usage on Linux is not very high - would love to hear from others that are using Linux and would find value here.  

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    Given there is no Linux client, it's not that surprising Linux usage is not that high - teams using Linux are likely to use other methods of communication for the moment :)

    In my team (which is part of the developing the Watson IoT BlueMix service), the most common OS is OSX, second is Linux with Windows third - all those platforms have a Slack client).

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    The are many of us who are classed as 'Privileged Users' because we support customer servers and we are forced to use Linux whether we like it or not.  

    Therefore it always seems to be discriminatory as IBM have insisted that we use the Linux platform but do not provide an equal playing field when it comes to tools.

    I do not want to have to fire up a KVM to access the desktop client so I am stuck with using the Web Based access.

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