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How is Watson Workspace different from Slack? Are we supposed to use both or choose one, if so how?



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    Jason Vogel

    I was literally about to drive a big push on my account to get everyone on Slack, and the partner on the account asked if we were going to use Watson Workspace as well or instead of?  I see some mentions of integration with Slack.  So what is the "plan"?

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    Ami Dewar (Edited )

    Hi Jason - 

    Great question! I agree with Jason V (#2) and answered you directly but for others' benefits here is our take... 

    Yes, there are lots of similarities between Watson Workspace and Slack. Both tools recognized, as have many in the market, that conversations are key to how people work and collaborate. Conversations are the glue between the tools you are working in, the content you are sharing, and the decisions you are making. So yes, both Slack and Watson Workspace are persistent messaging platforms designed for teams, but we also think there are some key differences.

    • Slack positions their product as "all your communication in one place". Watson Workspace aims to be so much more than just the place to communicate; our north star is to use Watson technology to enable work. As our product evolves, you’ll definitely see a focus on not only communication, but creating content, connecting people, and driving towards outcomes.
    • Cognitive is core to Watson Workspace. Cognitive is not just an app or a bot but Watson Workspace has been built on Watson cognitive technology and learning from day one. We’ve got moments and action fulfillment and plenty of additional plans to keep leveraging cognitive to make it easier to get your work done, manage the noise, and help you focus on what matters.
    • We know lots of people love Slack, and we aren’t trying to take them away from a tool that works for them, but even if some of your team is already using Slack, you can still give Watson Workspace a go. Add the Slack app to a space in Workspace, connect to a channel in Slack, and the conversation in Watson Workspace and the conversation in Slack become one. Messages sent in either place will show up in both apps.
    • The most unique difference between Slack and Watson Workspace? You have the opportunity to influence the design and development of our product - just contact us.
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    HI Ami, Apologies but I am still not very clear on what the differences are between the two and additionally bringing Verse into the mix when it comes to 'managing noise'. Would be great to have further clarity on what workplace can do that slack and verse can not before communicating this tool locally.

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    Jack Mason

    Just to keep this conversation going ( and since I've set up the IBM Services Watson Workspace just to kick the tires, and compare and contrast with the GBS Slack Lab workspace) and to influence the design and development I would offer this.  Let us not make the same mistake of trying to clone successful platforms, apps and services.  My wishlist is such tight integration between Slack Enterprise Grid and Watson Workspace that there really is only one iteration.  Maybe its something that has to happen at the API level, but I want whatever this chimera evolves into to have all the benefits of what Watson Workspace aspires to be, and none of the drawbacks or limitations of Enterprise Grid. 

    For example, there is right now no go way to integrate a meeting invite between Slack and Verse/Notes.

    On the other hand, I remain baffled, astonished and dismayed that we still have a w3 and Cloud versions of Connections, neither of which has succeeded in making people love it. 

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