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Connections Community should have Workspace app



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    Ami Dewar

    It's definitely part of our vision to allow parts and pieces of Watson Workspace to be embedded in other apps, as well as push and pull information from Watson Workspace into other apps (and vice versa).  There are very active threads on our team as to integration with Connections Communities so very much on our radar.  Thanks for the idea!

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    Bernd Gewehr (Edited )

    That would lead to another discussion:

    Will WW be able to join the CNX content service, coming in pink, to store the messages in the one content store of the CNX world?

    If not - we'll see some major disadvantages of that integration (especially search would be a challenge).

    CNX status updates should then be cancelled as a function.

    I do not expect IBM to do so, it is much more likely that the CNX crew builds their own solutions.

    A consistent solution for all means of textual and conversational collaboration would be much better, though.

    So +1 for complete integration of WW into CNX but I doubt it.

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    Adding to #10:
    Sharing a file in one of those Community Workspaces would automatically give reader access (at least) for community members to the file. Possibly with a toggle to give editor access too.

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    There should also be an OOTB ICEC widget (just as there are currently Connections widgets for ICEC).

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