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Integrate SameTime (like with Slack) to send/receive to/from SameTime

Not planned



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    Ami Dewar

    We agree with you - we'd like to do something so you don't have to use both tools to communicate.  It's a little more involved since Sametime is generally used as persistent chat - so it doesn't map quite as well 1:1 but we've definitely spent a lot of time talking about this use case. 

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    Michael Green

    Several of our Business Partners who use ST heavily to communicate with IBM'ers are looking at WW as a replacement to ST and their ST gateway infrastructure.  WW is a much easier solution.  But wanted to chime in that the idea of having two completely un-integrated messaging solutions just adds confusion.

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    Thomas Hampel

    From a technical point of view it should be no problem to integrate the two. I am not talking about an enterprise level Server2Server integration, but something on the client side. e.g. an improved Sametime client which can also communicate with WatsonWorkspace.

    Remember that Sametime used to be able to communicate with AOL and other platforms just from within the same client.

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