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Watson Workspace Windows App - Minimize to system tray

Not planned



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    Ami Dewar

    Hi there Oliver!  Thanks for the idea - we've heard this from a few other folks as well.  We are currently working to make sure that if the app was minimized you would still receives notifications of new activity - I assume that's your goal?  

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    Oliver Regelmann

    Yes. I'd like to not have it in the taskbar of active applications when it's just idle (better in the system tray). And of course notifications should work in this status as well (with a standard notification and a little badge on the icon).

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    Kenneth Martin

    Hi, yes, I agree.  I have been asked about this feature by some of our Executives and indeed, it would be great if when closed, the applications minimised to the system tray on both mac and windows so it was still running in the background.  It's too easy to close and forget and given that people rarely restart these days, you may end up not receiving notifications until the next time you power cycle your machine.

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    Richard Douglas Gregorio

    Exactly Kenneth, just like we have on Slack. You can close the application but it keeps running on the background and minimized on the tray so you can still receive notifications.

    It would be a great improvement.

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