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User registration difficulties



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    Peter Schlafmann

    Fully agree - my customer is struggling with an IBM ID that is not a mail address !!

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    Anna-Lena Rehs

    Same here...is there anything one can do?

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    Ami Dewar

    Good questions.  So is the core issue that everyone is facing here is that users do not have an IBMid and it wasn't clear how to get one OR that they have an IBMid but its an old ID (not in email format)?

    IBMid is not specific to Watson Workspace so we control the flow as you are specifically suggesting - its a common ID used for many IBM products (Watson Analytics, BlueMix, many IBM Marketplace services).  When users go to Watson Workspace they should see this view... 

    This is pretty standard UI for login/registration form (and similar to your suggestion), where returning users enter their credentials and new users choose "need an IBM id".  Is this where you were thinking it needed to be clearer? 

    For help with older IBMids that are not in the format of an email,  I would suggest that users either.... 

    1.  Create a new IBMid that is using an email address format

    2.  If they want to keep using their current IBMid they can contact IBMid to see if they can update that ID with an email address. https://www.ibm.com/account/profile/us?page=reghelpdesk


    Please do let me know if there are other challenges. We are doing our best to funnel any challenges with the login/registration process to the IBMid team. 

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    Steven Vaughan

    Hi Ami,

    The feedback we got (and I know this sounds mad) was that users were not aware they they didn't have an IBMid and just tried logging in (again, don't know what credentials they were using!). I appreciate that it's all very standard but we are talking about users - that breed that manages to make even the most simple task impossible.

    I'm not sure if there is anything that can be done and I understand the IBMid is a global ID which is great. What we have started doing is making sure that before inviting users to WWS, the users get an introductory email first from their manager telling them what to expect with a link to some registration instructions (not the prettiest in the world but they do the trick): http://www.dominopeople.ie/workspacereg.htm

    Thanks, Steven


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    Ami Dewar

    That's a great idea - and you are not alone - we've heard similiar feedback from others so we are definitely looking at what we can do to make this clearer.  We do have a basic HTML email template if you'd like it - just message me (https://watsonwork.me/adewar@us.ibm.com). 

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    Toni Feric

    An organization could configure SAML Single Sign-on for their own users, couldn't they?



    But for "external guests" the registration process is posing a substantial hurdle, which will often stop them from using WW at all.

    It would be good if external guests could get in without IBM ID, just by using the invitation token they received from an authenticated org user. Or as an alternative, use OAUTH, or just about any alternative authentication method there is.

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