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Make a user Co-owner of an older Space (works only in a Space created today)




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    Ami Dewar

    So right now only Transfer ownership is available for our preview offering.  Add co-owner is for paid users only. But if you are on a paid plan you should be seeing Add as co-owner for any space (regardless of new/old).  Let me know if you are not. 

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    Stefanie Schraub

    In my opinion, it must be possible to add a colleague for co-ownership, irrespective of whether it is a paid version or not. I don't see the option at this point, so the IBM internal test obviously does not count as paid engagement. Focusing team management on a single user is too much of a limitation in today's agile world. I would expect to be able to make one other user co-owner of the space in the free engagement, if I wanted more owners, it would be a premium add on....

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    Ami Dewar

    Hi Stefanie - 

    The reason it's like this is because there is very little difference between an owner and a member in a space.  All members can add and remove users, and can add and remove apps - the only thing an owner can do that others can not is delete a space.  We agree with you that in today's agile environment most teams operate in a pretty flat manner so that's why we went with this approach. We are starting to add more "owner permissions" and therefore added the ability for additional owners.  

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